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The luxurious pashmina was introduced in the 14th century by Iranian scholar Sayeed Ali Hamadani when he visited Kashmir in Northern India. The soft wool from the Ladakhi Kashmiri goats makes the shawls feel like comfortable cotton mixed with lustrous silk. Our brand Pashcien was established with the aim of bringing luxury pashmina clothing to the fashion world. We design and create shawls and stoles for men and women who prefer a traditional Indian touch combined with modern western silhouettes.

We bring an expansive range of colours, styles and designs in our stoles and shawls that you would be able to blend with any outfit. Add our pashmina clothing to the collection of your shawls that is the epitome of luxury and personification fashion statement. The Kashmiri embroideries with the befitting paisleys in the supple fabric can be your choice of luxury now.

Pashcien - Brand Logo
Pashcien - Hand Crafted Designs


Every shawl and stole we design is crafted with love and passion for the craft and the finest wool. We source the wool ethically, and our creative team is filled with local artisans who have been acquainted with the craft all their life. The elegant designs and embroideries in the opulent hues of the shawls give it a regal touch. 

The meticulous designs are a style statement for every wardrobe, and it's an ode to a long-running tradition and heritage. So, whether you are looking for men's or women's shawls and stoles, we can assure you that our products will be top-quality. Our designs, styles and colors are loved by people worldwide.

We blend the rich texture of pashmina with exclusive designs, intricate patterns and colors that will make the drapes a luxury piece, and it is something that will last you a lifetime and some more. It is an accessory that tells a story, so be a part of something traditional yet contemporary.

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