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Crystal Infusion: Velvet Stole with Intricate Embroidery and Shimmering Accents

Crystal Infusion: Velvet Stole with Intricate Embroidery and Shimmering Accents

Introducing Our Velvet Stole with Exquisite Embroidery and Crystal Accents:

Elevate your wardrobe with our Velvet Stole, a true embodiment of sophistication and craftsmanship. This stole is meticulously designed to add a touch of elegance and glamour to your ensemble.

Key Features:

  • Velvet Luxe: Crafted from premium velvet fabric, our stole exudes opulence and offers a soft, sumptuous feel against your skin.

  • Intricate Border Embroidery: The border of the stole showcases intricate and delicate embroidery work, a true testament to the artistry that goes into every piece.

  • Dazzling Crystal Work: The central panel of the stole is adorned with exquisite crystal embellishments, adding a touch of sparkle and allure to your look.

  • Versatile Style: Whether you're attending a formal event or simply want to enhance your everyday attire, this stole is the perfect accessory to do just that.

  • Rich Color Selection: Choose from a palette of rich and vibrant colors to match your personal style and preferences.

  • Generous Size: Our stole offers ample coverage, keeping you warm while allowing for various draping and styling options.

  • Perfect Gift: This stole makes for an ideal gift for loved ones, beautifully packaged and ready to impress on special occasions.

Elevate your fashion statement with the timeless elegance of our Velvet Stole. Whether you choose to wear it with traditional attire or incorporate it into your modern look, this stole is sure to make a lasting impression.

Indulge in the exquisite combination of border embroidery and crystal work. Don't miss the opportunity to own a piece that combines tradition and glamour in perfect harmony. Add our Velvet Stole to your collection and experience the allure of luxury today.


Transform your look with this stunning Velvet Stole, and make a statement at any occasion. Shop now to experience the blend of tradition and modernity in this elegant accessory.

    ₹2,455.00 Regular Price
    ₹1,485.00Sale Price
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